For Influencers

How do I set up my Influencer profile?

Once signed up on the platform, from the dashboard screen, click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Start by clicking the 'About You' section and enter the relevant details. You can choose up to 3 languages that you create content in as well as 3 Content Categories, describing the genres you specialize in.

Next, fill in your Address details.

If you wish to link your Social Media channels, you can do so by linking your respective usernames for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Your Score is a proprietary algorithmic performance measurement system. Basically, it gives you a score by combining several factors, including but not limited to, Number of completed campaigns, Average campaign scores, Response times on chat, timely completion of milestones etc. 

Do remember to complete the tasks listed to grow to the next level. This helps highlight your influencer account more favorably to brands.