For Influencers

Why register on Wobb as an Influencer?

Wobb is India's largest platform for brands to collaborate with influencers and creators on a variety of projects and campaigns.

More brands = More projects = More earning potential and growth for you.

  • Access to brands and campaigns: Wobb provides influencers with access to a wide range of brands and campaigns, making it easier for them to find paid opportunities that align with their interests and values. 

  • Streamlined communication and payment: With Wobb, influencers can communicate directly with brands and agencies, negotiate terms, and receive payment for their work in a streamlined and efficient way.

  • All brands make deposits with Wobb Escrow accounts during a project, so your payments remain secure.

  • Enhanced visibility and reach: Influencers can increase their visibility and reach, as Wobb promotes influencers and their content to brands and agencies on the lookout. 

  • Performance tracking and analytics: Wobb also provides influencers with detailed analytics and performance tracking, allowing them to see how their content is performing and make data-driven decisions about future content creation.

  • Protection against fraud: Wobb also protects influencers against fraud by vetting brands and campaigns for legitimacy and transparency in compensations.