For Influencers

How to get started with Wobb as an Influencer

All about Installation and Login

You can simply install the Wobb app from the Play store or Appstore and sign up using your email.

Once in, just fill in your basic details and verify your email/phone.


Upon login, you will first see the Campaigns page. This screen provides you the overview of your Wobb campaigns. You can Discover Campaigns, by scrolling down the screen.

The selection options at the top allow you to check the details of each of your campaigns, once applied.

  • Applied : All campaigns that you have applied for from the campaigns page.

  • Hired : Any campaigns that you have been successfully hired for after completing milestones as prescribed by the brand.

  • Closed : Any inactive campaigns, including ones that you have completed, rejected or had applied but not hired for.

At the bottom of the page, there are more options to help you navigate through Wobb.

Campaigns : The default screen where you are able to discover and apply for new campaigns.

Wobble : Used to connect and collaborate with other influencers. Read more about Wobble here.

Messages : Send and receive message communications with brands.

Profile : Directs you to the User account page.