For Influencers

Applying for campaigns

You can apply for any campaign that you're eligible for through the default campaigns screen on logging in to the Wobb app.
Just start by scrolling through the campaign options and selecting the one that you are interested to apply in.


Once you click on the selected campaign, the corresponding details will be revealed.

The eligibility tab will show any specific requirements of the brand.
For example, influencers with a certain minimum following.

The Instructions tab will show the actual deliverables and actions required of the influencers in the content creation.


The Payouts tab will show the compensation that you will be eligible for, after the completion of the campaign, or at each milestone, as specified by the brand.


Click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page to confirm your eligibility and interest to the brand.
To check the status of a campaign, click on the Applied tab at the top. Similarly, to check all campaigns that your applications have been accepted for, check under the Hired tab.